Home of the Wampanoag Tribe, and the internationally known Gay Head clay cliffs.

First settled by colonists in 1669 Aquinnah was originally called Gay Head because of the vibrant colors of the famous cliffs, but later changed the name to Aquinnah to honor the Wampanoag tribe that lived there for the past 10,000 years.

Did you know that in Herman Melvin’s book, Moby Dick, gave the character of Tashtego is a native harpooner from the Gay Head Wampanoag Tribe?

One of our favorite stops in Aquinnah is to head over to the Aquinnah Circle Cultural District and enjoy all the Kiosks of local artisans making Wampum Jewelry and art. The view from the lookout here is like none other. You feel as if you’re at the end of the world looking out over an empty sea.

For an ever more breathtaking view, stroll over to the Gay Head Lighthouse and climb to the top. There is nothing like the elevated view of the cliffs.

Aquinnah is known for Moshup Beach, Philbin Beach, and Lobsterville Beach. All pristine gems just waiting to be explored.