Best Vegan & Plant-Based Food on Martha’s Vineyard

When traveling to Martha’s Vineyard, one of the top questions we get is: “where can we find vegan and plant-based foods on the island?

When traveling to Martha’s Vineyard, one of the top questions we get is: “where can we find vegan and plant-based foods on the island?” To tackle that question, we have put together this list of our top recommendations for dining on Martha’s Vineyard if you have a plant-based lifestyle.

Not only does this list include sit-down restaurants, but also local farms and producers that are harvesting some of the best and most delicious crops on the island. When booking a rental home, having your own kitchen to cook in is part of discovering and supporting the local farming community.


As we mentioned, the farms on the island are a wealth of health! With dozens of farms all over the island and a well-equipped rental kitchen, you’re halfway to a delicious vegan meal at all times! Some outstanding farms include Morning Glory FarmNorth Tisbury FarmThe Grey Barn & Farm, and Ghost Island Farm.

Coffee Shops

Almost all coffee shops on the island carry non-dairy, plant-based milks for your coffee drinks, such as oat, soy, rice, and almond. As more people demand these drinks, more and more businesses are adapting to the demands. Coffee shops are also baking delicious vegan treats to go alongside their coffees and teas. Some of our favorites are Espresso Love, Mocha Motts, and Behind the Bookstore

Oak Bluffs

Juice by the Sea: this sweet location not only carries vegan eats but they are also focused on gluten-free options. They make daily fresh juices, smoothies, and food specials, as well as desserts. Pick up pantry staples such as popcorn and maple syrup as well in their cases lined with healthy eats.

Pawnee House: with a menu that is 30% vegan, this restaurant in Oak Bluffs is a must when you’re visiting. Try their vegan pulled pork or crab cakes - you won’t be able to tell the difference! 

Bangkok Thai Cuisine: craving authentic Thai food? Bangkok Thai Cuisine it is. Mentioned that you are plant-based and they will share what the best offerings are. Vegetable-focused with incredible Asian flavors. 

MV Salads: chef-curated salads, MV Salads is a dream come true for salad lovers. It’s an experience, as the salads are custom-created yet for you!

Dos Mas: the guys at Dos Mas know their way around a taco and create vegan options such as cauliflower, mushrooms, and more. Plus, they have vegan nachos with cashew cheese that’s delightful! 

The Cardboard Box: sourcing from their own farm, this fun and eclectic spot on the island is a must if you love a good cocktail with your plant-based eats.


The Port Hunter: with a few creative salads, and their classic vegetabowl, the people watching on Main Street Edgartown, alongside their food, is a great time!

The Covington: we recently dined here and enjoyed a few incredible salads (like a kale salad with jalapeno dressing) as well as a mushroom ragu over pasta that was divine. Sourcing from island farms, and sister restaurant to the Port Hunter, it boosts delicious eats in a lively setting. 

Among the Flowers: the perfect way to start your day, with breakfast on Edgartown Harbor. Their acai bowl and chia seed pudding are our favorites. 

Vineyard Haven

The Scottish Bakehouse: local bakery serving up not only breads and desserts, but full meals as well. Try their classic breakfast sandwich with fakin’ bacon!

Copper Wok: a Pan Asian restaurant in Vineyard Haven that will customize pretty much any dish possible! 

The Little House Cafe: their French Lentil Salad is a must, but we also love their Gado Gado salad. Try their granola too - the perfect way to start your morning. 

Blissed Out: on hot, sweltering island days, a fresh smoothie or bowl is a must and Blissed Out is a tasty option.